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Contact Information

Mrs F. Marshall

contact us

Lunnasting Primary School,
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
(01595) 745690



Christmas Concert 2008

The Cast of Babushka performed by Lunnasting Playgroup and P1-4

The Cast Babushka and Mice

Some of the Cast The Angels

Babushka The Three Kings


ABBA by P5-7

P5-7 More Abba



Health Week 2008

Our Health week this year ran from Monday 12th - Friday 16th May. On Monday and Tuesday all the children walked or cycled to school, either from Marine Park or the local hall. This was followed by exercise and then preparing healthy snacks for break.

Walking to School Exercising

Preparing fruit Fruit Kebabs

Baking muffins Muffins

Washing Up

We did Belly Dancing-

Belly Dancing Belly Dancing

And were entertained by the Baldy Bane Theatre Co., who performed a play on Road Safety for P5-7

Baldy Bane Theatre Co & P5-7

On Wednesday P1-4 visited the Brae Fire Station

Fire Station Brae Fire Station

P5-7 enjoyed activities with the Outdoor Education Team at Bridge End

Bridge End In the water

P5-7 at Bridge End Bridge End

P1-4 joined P5-7 at Bridge End on Thursday 15th, we all walked to the beach and enjoyed beach games and art activities

Walking to the Beach Beach Games

Beach Art Sand Castles

Beach Art Beach Art


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