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Contact Information

Mrs F. Marshall

contact us

Lunnasting Primary School,
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
(01595) 745690



Primary 4-7

 As part of our commitment to home school partnership,                                       

we have designed this leaflet to provide you with information                        

about your child’s work this term and how you can support

their learning at home.


This term we will cover:

Addition/subtraction: We will expand our knowledge of mental addition/subtraction up to using 4-digit numbers.

We will also continue to work with written addition/subtraction & the use of calculator. We will use these skills to solve different mathematical problems.

Numbers to millions, place value, more/less, adding/subtracting, multiplying/dividing, comparing & ordering, rounding & estimating.

Length: We will measure in km, m, cm, & mm and look at perimeter. We will be converting between the different lengths and discuss different areas where they would be used.

We will work with some of these through our topic work.


We will continue to work with fluency and expression while reading and further develop comprehension skills when reading different texts.

We will use our skills from reading aloud, to find the best way of presenting work orally.

We will continue to further develop our knowledge of different spelling patterns and our understanding of the need for legible handwriting, and good presentation and layout.

We will continue to use the Big Writing scheme to further develop our writing skills.

The Day I Became Weightless; An imaginative story

Writer’s Craft; Continuing a story…

Free writing; a piece of writing of their own choice


They will use menus and further mouse controls, create and edit a piece of text, copy and paste information from the internet to Word.


My Family will be the main topic this term.  We will further develop greetings, family member names, common verbs and numbers.

We will also be working with the season of Autumn, where we will incorporate weather and clothes.



We will look at places of worship, artefacts, rituals, festivals and beliefs.


They will learn about the 8 wellbeing indicators, SHANARRI.


They will learn to use different research methods through topic work, different problem solving challenges and question of the week.


Striking and Fielding activities

We will be working with cricket and rounders and team building skills.


We will:

- work in clay, creating rock pools.

- create sculptures using sea glass and driftwood.

- create pictures for an enterprise project.


We will learn musical notation and use percussion instruments.

We will also practise for Harvest assembly.

The topic this term is ‘Forces’

We will be looking at:

The different kinds of forces – all to do with pulling and pushing; gravitational pull and friction.

We will experiment with Newton meters and measure pull force.

We will design our own experiments.

We will discover forces in everyday life.

How can you help us?

Your child has discussed the topic with the class and teacher. They have discussed what they already know and what they would like to find out. 

If there is anything that you might be able to help with or have specific expertise in, we would very grateful.

How can you help your child?

They will have to complete some experiments about forces, where they might require your assistance.

We would like you to discuss all the areas of work with your child and to help them think of targets, which they could set themselves for this term.



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