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Mrs F. Marshall

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Lunnasting Primary School,
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Primary 3                                                                                                    

As part of our commitment to home school partnership,                                       

we have designed this leaflet to provide you with information                        

about your child’s work this term and how you can support

their learning at home.

Numeracy and Maths

We will consolidate subtraction facts up to 20.

We will introduce strategies for subtraction to 100.


We will continue with Nelson Spelling.

We will continue to develop story writing using VCOP.

We will continue to build up pencil control and fluency, with letter joining.

We will continue with Oxford reading Tree and increase vocabulary.

We will develop their skills of listening to and giving their opinions about things.

We will develop their skill of listening for and using useful pieces of information.


We will access computer software and internet to research information.


We will learn words for parts of the body.


We will look at different festivals of light.

Health and wellbeing

We will learn about using medicines safely.


We will practise their songs and performance skills for the Christmas play.


They will continue to develop their ability to move and think in a more cohesive way.


We will look at and study patterns associated with traditions and festivals.  We will also make scenery for the Christmas play.

The topic this term will be ‘Light & Sound’

This term we will learn about: where light comes from; where colours come from; solar power; how a lighting circuit works and where sound comes from and how far sound travels.

How can you help us?

The following would be helpful:

Different forms of lights for display, especially older examples.  It will be needed for the whole term, so would be helpful if it could stay at school.

Pictures and or photographs showing places in daytime and night time, and, people playing instruments.

How can you help your child?

They will have little pieces of research to do, finding out about light and sound. They will have occasional pieces of homework linked to the topic.

It would also be good to encourage them to find out and read about light and sound.


We try to set targets with the children for improving their work.  We would appreciate it if you would discuss with your children something they would like to do.  Please note it here and in their homework diary so I can add it to their sheet in class.  Thank you.


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